Key to Native Orchids of Western Australia


The Key to the Native Orchids of Western Australia is an interactive identification and information package built on a Lucidcentral platform that will help you to identify and learn about all the currently known native orchids found in Western Australia (including named hybrids) . It is sponsored by WANOSCG and developed by its Members, celebrating WANOSCG’s 50th anniversary in 2024.

Authors: Ramón Newmann and Andrew Brown.


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The key is aimed at both amateur orchid enthusiasts and professional researchers alike. You can use it to:

  • identify an unknown orchid;
  • find out what orchids occur in different areas or habitats;
  • find out which orchids flower in different months of the year;
  • find out which orchids are listed as Threatened or Priority species;
  • view descriptions and photos of all the orchids contained in the key; and
  • learn more about Western Australia’s unique orchids.

There has been a major update to the initial, trial, version of the Key (current version: April 2024)

The April 2024 update includes:

  • Distribution maps have been added to all of the species, based on data from the WA Herbarium and the authors’ personal knowledge.
  • Named hybrids have been included in their own section as subsets.
  • Two previously undescribed species have now been formally named and are included. Pterostylis ‘Murchison’ is now Pterostylis argillacea, and Pterostylis sp. ‘Paynes Find’ is now Pterostylis arida.
  • The underlying information for a number of other species has been improved and updated.
  • An optional down-loadable version that will run completely off-line on a computer has been added.
  • Work has commenced on the Mobile/portable device app version..

Link to the Key: Key to Native Orchids of WA


Please provide any feedback on the Key to with ‘Orchid Lucid Key’ in the subject line.