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WANOSCG photographic competition for 2023

The Challenge:  Your best shot of WA Native Orchid in the field in 2022 or 2023

Winning photo by Robin Parsons: Sigmoid Spider Orchid –Caladenia sigmoidea

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Caladenia sigmoidea

















WANOSCG photographic competition for 2022

The Challenge:  WA native orchid(s) growing in an unusual situation

Winning photo by Ray Molloy: Scented Sun Orchid on Steps (Thelymitra macrophylla)

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WANOSCG photographic competition for 2021

The Challenge:  WA native orchids named after WANOSCG Members (see bottom of the WANOSCG History pageclick here)

Winning photo by Rachel Halls : Pink Spider Orchid (Caladenia harringtoniae)

Named after Alison Harrington, a member since 1976 and past WANOSCG President 1980 – 1983

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WANOSCG photographic competition for 2020

The Challenge:  Your Favourite WA Native Orchid – taken in situ.

Winning photo by Trish Newmann:  Warty Hammer Orchid (Drakaea livida)

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WANOSCG photographic competition for 2019

The Challenge:  A pair of photos which show:
          1. An orchid in its natural habitat showing both the orchid and its surrounding habitat (trees, shrubs, rocks, swamp, logs etc).
          2. A closer shot of the exact same orchid

Winning photos by Aly Mollica:  A sun orchid (Thelymitra) hybrid.

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2019 WANOSCG Photo Winner by Aly Mollica


WANOSCG photographic competition for 2018

The Challenge: Caladenia flava or its subspecies.
The joint winning photos by Aly Mollica and Jack Eborall.

Aly Monica’s winning photo:

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Jack Eborall’s winning photo:

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2018 Joint winning photo by Jack Eborall - Caladenia flava subsp. flava



WANOSCG photographic competition for 2017

The Challenge: “Orchid with Pollinator.” In the case of the pollinator this could be any suitable arthropod (insect, spider, etc)
The winning photo by Trish Newmann. Eyre Rufous Greenhood (Pterostylis sp. Eyre)

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WANOSCG photographic competition for 2016

The Challenge: The best photograph of any Western Australian Native orchid (or orchids) taken in situ in 2016.

The winning photo by Mary Hoffman. Eastern Queen of Sheba (Thelymitra speciosa).

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2016 Winner - Mary Hoffman - Thelymitra speciosa



WANOSCG photographic competition for 2015

The Challenge: Photographs of two or more orchid species (or hybrids) in the same field of view taken in 2015 under natural circumstances and not be the result of Photo shopping” two or more orchids into a single photograph.

The winning photo by Andrew Brown. Cowslip Orchid (Caladenia flava) and Shy Sun Orchid (Thelymitra graminea) growing together in Crampton Nature Reserve off the Old Coast Road.

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2015 Winner Andrew Brown - Caladenia flava, Thelymitra graminea



WANOSCG photographic competition for 2014

The Challenge: Photograph of an orchid described in the first 10 years of WANOSCG existence.

Winning photo by Andrew Brown near Augusta in October 2014, was Funnel-tipped Spider Orchid (Caladenia infundibularis). The species was formally named by Alex George in 1984.

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2014 Winner Andrew Brown - Caladenia infundibularis


  1. Ping from gitte:

    hello wa orchid n conservation society. i have been watching a spot for many years and sometimes can see 5 orchisd growing in this spot. my thoughts are here with xmas as we have a slipper orchid in bloom now, n would like it to have a pet name as it comes out in twos to be called santas slippers. i would also like to become a member as i dearly love orchids and we live next to state forest and spen a good deal of time walking the dog.

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