Revised 2019 Checklist of the Orchids of Australia

A fully revised and updated version of the ‘Checklist of the Orchids of Australia Including its Island Territories’ has been prepared. The Checklist covers the 1,963 species, subspecies and varieties of wild orchids (comprising 1,866 species and 97 subspecies and varieties) in 116 genera found in Australia and its island territories. This Checklist also includes 591 naturally occurring hybrids that have been observed in the field.

The Checklist was prepared by Gary Backhouse (Victoria), Andrew Brown (Western Australia), Robert Bates (South Australia) and Lachlan Copeland (New South Wales).

The Checklist files are available as free downloads below.

Several spelling errors have come to light since this updated Checklist was published.

Please make the following changes to your PDF copy once you have downloaded it. Corrections have already been made in the Excel version.

Caladenia starteorum replace with Caladenia startiorum

Cyanicula gertrudeae replace with Cyanicula gertrudiae

Pterostylis xerampelinus replace with Pterostylis xerampelina

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