1. Topic
    1. Topic for 2021: “WA native orchids named after WANOSCG or its Members”.
    2. Click below for the list of target species:            
  2. Submissions
    1. Any Member who is current on the Submission Due Date is eligible to enter and/or vote.
    2. Only electronic submissions permitted:
      1. ‘jpeg’ file format
      2. File size: MIN: 150 Kbytes MAX: 5 Mbytes
    3. Two photos may be submitted per eligible Member.
    4. Author’s name, subject’s species name, approx. location taken, and date taken are to be provided with each submission.
    5. All entrants give consent to have their entry published in the WANOSCG Bulletin, Website and/or Facebook Page.
    6. Submission must have been taken in situ since 20 Oct 2020 (2020 Photo Comp closing date)
    7. Submissions must be emailed to wanoscg@gmail.com, or handed to a Committee Member.
    8. Submission Due Date: Entries must be received by 18 Oct 2021 (Mon before Oct GM)
  3. Voting
    1. All valid entries will be placed in a special Oct/Nov 2021 Bulletin for voting on.
    2. Voting by eligible Members, stating the selected photograph’s reference number
      1. by email to wanoscg@gmail.com
      2. or by post to PO BOX 323, Victoria Park, WA 6979.
    3. All votes due on 15 Nov 2021 (Mon before Nov GM).
  4. Winner
    1. Winner to be determined by the WANOSCG Committee (who may appoint Adjudicators) based on the valid votes.
    2. Winner declared and prize presented at the Nov General Meeting on 17 Nov 2021.
  5. Displays
    1. All valid entries to be displayed at the Oct GM (subject to COVID-19) and Oct/Nov Bulletin.
    2. Winning photo and runners-up to be displayed at the Nov GM and posted in the Bulletin, Website and/or Facebook page.
  6. Target Orchid Conservation and Protection Rule

Due to the potential to damage habitat and plants, populations of orchids listed as threatened should not be visited for the sole reason of taking photos for this Photo Competition. If you otherwise happen upon populations during your travels, as part of an ADORP team monitoring these plants or have another official reason to visit populations you may submit photos of these species.