Western Australia has an extraordinarily rich variety of native orchid species, many of which grow nowhere else in the world. Our orchids are often highly adapted to specific aspects of their habitats, including such things as drainage, soil type, and the presence of certain fungi and pollinators. Therefore, one of the aims of our group is to promote the conservation of WA native orchids in their natural environment enabling future generations of enthusiast to continue to enjoy them.

All flora (including orchids) is protected on Crown land and can only be picked or dug up with an appropriate license and the approval of the land manager. Flora on private land, with the exception of threatened flora, can be taken with the approval of the landowner and does not require a license if not being taken for commercial purposes.

Threatened flora has additional protection under the provisions in the Western Australian Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) and cannot be taken from any lands including Private land without a special license and the approval of the land owner.

It is illegal to remove native flora from public lands without an appropriate licence and, in the case of threatened flora, it is illegal to remove it from any lands, including private land without ministerial approval.  The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 now provides for substantial deterrent penalties, up to $500,000 for a person taking threatened flora species.

Link to the: Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) 

Link to the:  DBCA District Office.

Note: the Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) replaces the old Wildlife Conservation Act (1950).


Threatened and Priority Flora Reporting

See the following DBCA link to learn more about WA’s threatened and rare flora, including a download for the Threatened and priority flora report form and Field Manual:

DBCA Threated Flora