Western Australia has an extraordinarily rich variety of native orchid species, many of which grow nowhere else in the world. Our orchids are often highly adapted to specific aspects of their habitats, including such things as drainage, soil type, and the presence of certain fungi and pollinators. Therefore, one of the aims of our group is to promote the conservation of WA native orchids in their natural environment enabling future generations of enthusiast to continue to enjoy them.

All flora (including orchids) is protected on Crown land and can only be picked or dug up with an appropriate license and the approval of the land manager. Flora on private land, with the exception of threatened flora, can be taken with the approval of the landowner and does not require a license if not being taken for commercial purposes.

Threatened flora has additional protection under the provisions in the Western Australian Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) and cannot be taken from any lands including Private land without a special license and the approval of the land owner.

A link to the Biodiversity Conservation Act is here

Note: the Biodiversity Conservation Act (2016) replaces the old Wildlife
Conservation Act (1950).


Monitored weekly for impact on rare and threatened orchid species

MRD, Bowelling curves: This matter would involve clearing about 35 Ha potentially with threatened orchids and other flora. A level 2 Flora survey has been carried out. We have written to the DER lodging our objection to the works and proposing our assistance if needed to identify and locate/re-locate orchids.

Residential development is taking place at Bushmead on the site of the former Rifle range. The Developer is Cedar Woods Ltd. The plan of the area in question shows that about 60% will be retained as bush land and this has been confirmed by Project Manager Nick Wheeler, who has stated that there are strict environmental conditions that his Company are working through at the moment with the assistance of DPaW. He welcomes the input of WANOSCG and has extended an invitation to members to meet him on site as a start of cooperation together. The likely date of this meeting will be June 2017.


Concerns over the clearing procedures in the Shire of Jerramungup on the road widening project on the Boxwood Hill‐ Ongerup Road


Flynn Drive Orchid Rescue
Interim report:
During the middle of 2016 It was reported to the Club by member Phil Hill that the bushland area opposite the Wanneroo Golf Club, rich in orchids, would soon be cleared for road widening.
A subsequent inspection showed that this area (approximately 500m x 50m) had several species of orchids including T. campanulata, shirt or bell orchid. It was noted that this Thelymitra species was fast disappearing from the metro area due to loss of habitat particularly banksia woodland.
It appeared that approximately 40 plants would be available for rescue from the area. It was also noted that an adjacent Bush Forever Site (to the west) also had this species. It occurs under Sheoak trees in deep leaf litter often within sedge grasses.
After consultation with Dr Mark Brundrett the club agreed to participate in an orchid rescue and planned that plants would be removed and relocated into Nature Reserves and protected bushland in the Cities of Wanneroo and Joondalup. Permissions would need to be sought from the developer of Banksia Grove and the Cities mentioned.
During the flowering period plants were marked and some artificially pollinated to ensure there was seed set.
By September 2016 the permissions were granted and at the end of the month after the flowering period some 25 orchids and 3 seed pods were removed and placed into storage.
In February 2017 Club members planted the retrieved tubers into Warwick Bushland (City of Joondalup) and Marangaroo NR (City of Wanneroo). In both cases transects were established and locations recorded by GPS. Seed was also spread along the transects.
During the spring of 2017 it was noted that 3 plants in Warwick and 2 in Marangaroo had flowered. There was no evidence that seeds had struck at this stage.
Overall Success rate about 25%.
In the Spring of 2017 a further effort was made to remove plants from Flynn Drive and the remaining 12 were retrieved. This time into small pots instead of ziplock bags. It was agreed to replant these tubers into Highview Park, Alexander Heights and Dianella NR. Permission had been granted by City of Stirling for the latter. The re-planting was completed within a few days of the retrieval ensuring that there was no loss of moisture in the soil/leaf litter surrounding the tubers
It is hoped that the latter method will result in a higher success rate and provide evidence for future rescues.
Thanks to all WANOSCG members who participated in the process, the Housing Authority Banksia Grove Management and Cities of Joondalup, Wanneroo and Stirling for their cooperation.
Tim Hodgkins – WANOSCG Conservation Officer- October 30th, 2017.

Warwick Open Space Project:

On Sunday 29 April, a small group of WANOSCG members, led and supervised by Mark Brundrett, were fortunate enough to be involved in an orchid seeding program at Warwick Open Space. The group included members of; “The Friends of Warwick Open Space “Tim Hodgkins (WANOSCG Conservation Officer), Rob van Oosten and Adrienne Saunders.
Mark Brundrett, has been involved in a lot of good work in this reserve.
The task was to remove weeds from the area and find suitable habitat for the four species to be planted which included; Thelymitra, Caladenia, Diuris and Pterostylis.
There were 4 areas chosen for seeding throughout the reserve. Should the Orchids survive and flower, the public walking through the reserve will be able to admire from the safety of established walking trails. Seeds planted are all non-threatened species.
Rob mentioned “It would in my humble opinion be nice to have a programme within WANOSCG to learn how to pollinate and propagate orchids to be put back in the wild.” Also noted,
“Programs in other states I have been told exist. South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania have programs that are funded to return orchids to the wild.”
Rob further notes; “I would be interested in some comments. I am only a novice here and the club has members with years of experience. It would be great to hear of any successes and it was a thrill to be involved in something very positive.”
Author and Image Credit: Rob van Oosten