Western Australian Native Orchid Study & Conservation Group (Inc)

WANOSCG is an Incorporated Association, ABN 29 254 122 616.

Established in 1974, WANOSCG and its Members have been enjoying Western Australian native orchids for over 45 years – by promoting the study and conservation of these unique and wonderful flora.

We are a group of people from diverse backgrounds who share the love of Western Australia’s native orchids and their outstanding diversity.

In addition to gaining satisfaction and increased knowledge from the study of these fascinating plants in their natural environment, we aim to promote interest in their conservation for the benefit of future generations.


The objectives of WANOSCG are:

  1. To promote the interest in and preservation of Western Australian native orchids;
  2. To learn the best means of their conservation and cultivation and to promote their conservation in their natural environment;
  3. To learn their habitats and keep records of them in their natural environment;
  4. To have field days and learn to recognise the different genera and species;
  5. To hold meetings for the exchange of knowledge and furthering of the interest in Western Australian native orchids;
  6. To affiliate with kindred organisations;
  7. To make rules for the governing of the WANOSCG’s affairs; and
  8. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.



In pursuit of their objectives, WANOSCG’s and its members’ values are:

  1. Act with integrity beyond reproach;
  2. Respect the environment;
  3. Respect fellow members and others, their communities and cultures; and
  4. Strive for tangible, lasting outcomes.



During the principal orchid flowering season from March to November General Meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. See right side bar for updates & details

COVID-19 restriction may apply to the next physical General Meeting – see WA State Health requirements

Visitors are welcome to our meetings.

As part of the General Meetings there is a presentation by a variety of speakers on a broad range of orchid topics. Photographs taken by members are often shown at the meetings.

We conclude with a light super and a general discussion amongst the attendees.


WANOSCG Committee Nomination Form

WANOSCG Subsidiary Offices Nomination Form


Protection of Native Flora

Please note that all flora that is native to Western Australia is protected throughout the State under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

It is illegal to remove native flora from public lands without an appropriate licence and, in the case of threatened flora, it is illegal to remove it from any lands, including private land without ministerial approval.  The Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 now provides for substantial deterrent penalties, up to $500,000 for a person taking threatened flora species.

Some of our members have noted clear signs of native orchids having been dug up and removed, possibly illegally.  Members have also seen evidence of damage to populations of native orchids listed as threatened, including vegetation clearing, spraying of Herbicide and removal of plants. We encourage members seeing such evidence to report it without delay to the appropriate DBCA District Office.

2023 Photo of the Year by Robin Parsons

Sigmoid Spider Orchid – Caladenia sigmoidea

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Caladenia sigmoidea