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Download Attachments

File Description File size Downloads
A Comprehensive Study of Orchid Seed Production Relative to Pollination Traits, Plant Density and Climate in an Urban Reserve in Western Australia A study in the Warwick Conservation Area. By Mark C. Brundrett
5 MB 345
Thelymitra nuda complex 2013 An overview of the Thelymitra nuda (Orchidaceae) complex in Australia including the description of six new species Jeffrey A. Jeanes
536 KB 13
New taxa of Caladenia 2015 New taxa of Caladenia (Orchidaceae) from south-west Western Australia. Andrew P. Brown and Garry Brockman
2 MB 14
Eriochilus paper 2006 Contributions to Western Australian orchidology: 3. New and reinstated taxa in Eriochilus. Stephen Hopper and Andrew Brown
930 KB 16
Pterostylis and Diuris name changes March 2019 ALIGNMENT of WESTERN AUSTRALIAN DIURIS AND PTEROSTYLIS NAMES (updated March 2019). Andrew Brown
854 KB 12
Paracaleana ferricola 2019 Paracaleana ferricola (Orchidaceae), a new, rare species from the south-west of Western Australia. Andrew P. Brown and Garry Brockman
1 MB 14
Caladenia petrensis and saxicola 2007 Caladenia petrensis and C. saxicola (Orchidaceae), two new ironstone endemics from south-west Western Australia. Andrew P. Brown and Garry Brockman
2 MB 15
Caladenia name changes January 2017 ALIGNMENT of WESTERN AUSTRALIAN CALADENIA NAMES (updated 23 January 2017). Andrew Brown
592 KB 11
Caladenia multiplex 2021 Caladenia multiplex (Orchidaceae), a new, sexually deceptive species from the south-west of Western Australia. Andrew P. Brown1 and Ryan D. Phillips
2 MB 13
Western Australian Threatened Orchids May 2018 528 KB 16
Update on generic and specific nomenclature 2019 Update on generic and specific nomenclature in Paracaleana (Drakaeinae), Caladeniinae and a new name in Caladenia (Orchidaceae) Stephen D. Hopper and Andrew P. Brown
1 MB 13
Thelymityra pauciflora complex 2004 A revision of the Thelymitra pauciflora R.Br. (Orchidaceae) complex in Australia. Jeffrey A. Jeanes
1 MB 12
Thelymitra variegata complex 2009 Resolution of the Thelymitra variegata (Orchidaceae) complex of southern Australia and New Zealand. Jeffrey A. Jeanes
669 KB 13
Thelymitra fuscolutea complex 2006 Resolution of the Thelymitra fuscolutea R. Br. (Orchidaceae) complex of southern Australia. Jeffrey A. Jeanes
379 KB 11