Species without Photos or in need of more Photos

Species without photos

Diuris filifolia Cat’s Face Orchid
Diuris immaculata Little Esperance Bee Orchid
Pterostylis neopolyphylla Manypeaks Snail Orchid
Pterostylis argillacea Murchison Rufous Greenhood
Pterostylis saxum Castle Rock Snail Orchid
Pterostylis segregata
Pterostylis telmata Eastern Swamp Snail Orchid sp. ‘Cape Arid’ 354
Caladenia x eludens Elusive Spider Orchid
Caladenia x lavandulacea Lavender Spider Orchid

The following species are poorly represented photographically on the website. If you can help by sending photos by email to wanoscg@gmail.com with “Photos for website” in the subject line it would be much appreciated. It would also help if you could name your photos as follows for example.

Caladenia longicauda ssp. eminens Kojonup, 10 May 2022

Basically name, general location and date taken.

Species poorly represented


C. attingens ssp. effusa – Granite Mantis Orchid

C. bigeminata – Yerina Springs Spider Orchid

C. evanescens – Semaphore Spider Orchid

C. georgei – Tuart Spider Orchid

C. Lateritica – Forest Fairy Orchid

C. longifimbriata – Green-comb Spider Orchid

C. perangusta – Boyup Brook Spider Orchid

C. pholcoidea ssp. augustensis – Augusta White Spider Orchid

C. rosea – Rose Fairy Orchid

C validinervia –  Lake Muir Spider Orchid

C. x aestantha – Summer Spider Orchid

C. x coactescens – Northern Sandplain Spider Orchid

C. x enigma – Enigmatic Spider Orchid

C. x erminea – Dusky Fairy Orchid

C. x exoleta – Dark-sepaled Spider Orchid

C. x exserta – Protruding Spider Orchid

C. x hopperi – Ornate Spider Orchid

C. x hypata – Southern Forest Spider Orchid

C. x idiastes – Cerise Spider Orchid

C. x resupina Bent Spider Orchid

C. x triangularis – Shy Spider Orchid

C. x tryphera – Delicate Spider Orchid

C. x ericksoniae – Prisoner Orchid


C. uliginosus – Swamp Beard Orchid


C. autumnalis – Peat Helmet Orchid


C. fragrans – Fragrant China Orchid


D. amplissima – Giant Donkey Orchid

D. conspicillata – Spectacled Donkey Orchid

D. corymbosa – Common Donkey Orchid

D. cruenta – Kemerton Pansy Orchid

D. emarginata – Late Donkey Orchid

D. filifolia – Cat’s Face Donkey Orchid

D. heberlei – Heberle’s Donkey Orchid

D immaculata – Little Esperance Bee Orchid

D insignis – Dark Bee Orchid

D littoralis – Green Range Donkey Orchid

D. oraria – Northern Coastal Donkey Orchid

D. pallescens- Pale Donkey Orchid

D. porphyrochila – Yalgorup Donkey Orchid

D. recurva – Mini Donkey Orchid

D. septentrionalis – Northern Bee Orchid

D. suffusa – Mottled Donkey Orchid


E. x intermedia – Intermediate Enamel Orchid


E. Eriochilus glareosus – Scarp Bunny Orchid

E. orbifolius – Round-leafed Bunny Orchid

E. tenuis – Slender Bunny Orchid


M. brownii – Sweet Mignonette Orchid

M. eremaea – Slender Mignonette Orchid

M. eremicola – Desert Mignonette Orchid

M. familiaris – Coastal Mignonette Orchid

M. globula – Globular Mignonette Orchid

M. graniticola – Granite Mignonette Orchid

M. media ssp. densiflora – Dense Mignonette Orchid

M. orbicularis – Dark Mignonette Orchid

M. quadrata – South Coast Mignonette Orchid


P. alcocki – Alcock’s Duck Orchid

P. dixonii – Sandplain Duck Orchid

P. parvula – Esperance Duck Orchid


P. calcicola – Limestone Leek Orchid

P. macrostachyum – Laughing Leek Orchid

P. ovale – Little Leek Orchid

P. paulineae – Pauline’s Laughing Leek Orchid

P. triangulare – Dark Leek Orchid


P. actites – Mandalay Snail Orchid

P. angulata – Helena River Snail Orchid

P. arida – Paynes Find Rufous Greenhood

P. atrosanguinea – Crowded Banded Greenhood

P. brunneola – Giant Snail Orchid

P. crebriflora – Darling Range Banded Greenhood

P. crispula – Slender Snail Orchid

P. echinulata – Hairy-leafed Snail Orchid

P. elegantissima – Elegant Rufous Greenhood

P. eremaea – Saltlake Rufous Greenhood

P. faceta – Plumed Bird Orchid

P. frenchii – Tuart Rufous Greenhood

P. fuliginosa – Sooty Rufous Greenhood

P. glebosa – Small Clubbed Snail Orchid

P. graccillima – Long-sepalled Snail Orchid

P. hadra – Elusive Rufous Greenhood

P. heberlei – Heberle’s Bird Orchid

P. insectifera – Insect-lipped Rufous Greenhood

P. jacksonii – South West Granite Snail

P. karri – Karri Snail Orchid

P. macroceles – Slender Rufous Greenhood

P. microphylla – Small rosette Snail Orchid

P. mutica – Midget Greenhood

P. occulta – Little Frog Orchid

P. parva – Fawn Snail Orchid

P. perculta – Ruddy Hood

P. polyphylla- Manypeaks Snail Orchid

P. precatoria – Mehinup Bird Orchid

P. sargentii – Frog Greenhood

P. saxum – Castle Rock Snail Orchid

P. scabrella – Rough-lipped Snail Orchid

P. scitula – Elegant Snail Orchid

P. serotina – Late Bird Orchid

P. sigmoidea – Sinuous Bird Orchid

P. telmata – Brittle Snail Orchid

P. virens – Green Spoon-lipped Rufous Greenhood

P. xerampelina – Easter Granite Rufous Greenhood

P. zebrina – Striped Rufous Greenhood


R. johnstonii – Southern Underground Orchid


T. granitora – Coastal Sun Orchid

T. fasciculata – Swamp Lilac Sun Orchid


x Cyanthera glossodioides – Mauve Rare Orchid