Western Australian Native Orchid Study and Conservation Group.

Promoting interest in and preservation of Western Australian Native Orchids.

Celebrating 40 Years

Upcoming Annual General Meeting – 21st March 2018  7:30PM –  Kings Park Administration Buildings

We are a group of people from diverse backgrounds who share the love of Western Australia’s native orchids and their outstanding diversity. In addition to gaining satisfaction and increased knowledge from the study of these fascinating plants in their natural environment, we aim to promote interest in their conservation for the benefit of future generations. Photographing native orchids in their native habitat is a shared common passion.

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Latin Name – C.busselliana – Aly Mollica, Common Name – C.cairnsiana – Justin Brown, Orchid Keys – D.purdiei – Noel Hoffman, Orchid Groups – C.filifera – Noel Hoffman, Orchid Articles – D.glyptodon – Noel Hoffman, Conservation – T.campanulata – Noel Hoffman, Field Trips – E. dilatatus subsp. magnus – John Ewing, Membership – C.gemmata – Noel Hoffman, About WANOSCG – D.drummondii – Noel Hoffman