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Photo Competition Details

Before each orchid season the photo challenge will be declared.

Members may enter up to three printed photos (incognito) at the November meeting.
The maximum size of entries is 8″ x 10″ or A4. No framing please.

Each attendee will receive three voting dots.

The photo with the most dots wins!


WANOSCG photographic competition for 2016

The Challenge: The best photograph of any Western Australian Native orchid (or orchids) taken in situ in 2016.

The winning photo by Mary Hoffman. Eastern Queen of Sheba (Thelymitra speciosa).

Click to enlarge.

2016 Winner - Mary Hoffman - Thelymitra speciosa



WANOSCG photographic competition for 2015

The Challenge: Photographs of two or more orchid species (or hybrids) in the same field of view taken in 2015 under natural circumstances and not be the result of Photo shopping” two or more orchids into a single photograph.

The winning photo by Andrew Brown. Cowslip Orchid (Caladenia flava) and Shy Sun Orchid (Thelymitra graminea) growing together in Crampton Nature Reserve off the Old Coast Road.

Click to enlarge.

2015 Winner Andrew Brown - Caladenia flava, Thelymitra graminea



WANOSCG photographic competition for 2014

The Challenge: Photograph of an orchid described in the first 10 years of WANOSCG’s existence.

Winning photo by Andrew Brown near Augusta in October 2014, was Funnel-tipped Spider Orchid ((Caladenia infundibularis). The species was formally named by Alex George in 1984.

Click to enlarge.

2014 Winner Andrew Brown - Caladenia infundibularis

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