Orchid News

In the February March edition of the Australian Orchid Review David Jones and Chris French published a
paper to recognise new combinations in the Pterostylis complex. During 2016 a number of taxa were
named in the banded greenhood, bird and snail complexes but were placed into genera not recognised
by the WA Herbarium. This paper brings these namings into the Pterostylis complex.

The new names are as follows:

Snail complex
P sp ‘Cape Le Grande’ is now P meridionalis
P sp ‘Helena River’ is now P angulata
P sp ‘northern thick sepals’ and P sp ‘cauline leaves’ have been combined into one taxon now named P ectypha.
Banded Greenhood complex
P arbuscula is the new name for what was previously the Mallee form of
P sanguinea but now considered distinct due to its short stature and few flowers
P sp ‘small bands’ is now P orbiculata
P sp ‘crowded’ is now P atrosanguinea.

Bird complex

P ‘plumed’ is now P faceta
P ‘dwarf’ is now P galgula
P ‘granite bird’ is now P saxosa
P ‘Greenbushes’ is now P sigmoidea

P ‘Mehinup’ is now P precatoria
P ‘Muirs Highway’ is now P longicornis
P ‘plumed’ is now P faceta
P ‘The Knoll’ is now P serotina

Courtesy of Kevin Uhe