Orchid Checklist

A new Checklist of the Orchids of Australia has been prepared that covers the 1,869 species, subspecies and varieties of wild orchids

(comprising 1,794 species and 116 subspecies and varieties) in 113 genera found in Australia and its island territories. This total includes

395 species considered distinct but not yet named and described. This Checklist also includes 546 naturally occurring hybrids (including

48 named wild hybrids) in 15 genera plus 6 intergeneric crosses, that have been observed in the field. The inclusion of the many

hundreds of recognised but unnamed species and naturally occurring hybrids makes this the most comprehensive checklist of Australian

orchids ever compiled.

The Checklist has been prepared in two versions: an Excel spreadsheet that can be modified by users, and a PDF version that can be

printed for a hard copy.  Each version has a national list of species and hybrids followed by State/Territory lists of species and hybrids.

A unique feature of the Excel version of the Checklist is that users can keep a record of the number of species they have seen, simply

by entering the number 1 in the ‘Seen’ column against the relevant species, both nationally and by each State or Territory. The second

row above the relevant column will automatically give a new total each time a ‘1’ is entered (or deleted).

As the Excel version is password-protected, users will need to open the file as ‘read only’ and save it under a new file name before the

file can be modified.

It is intended that the Checklist will be periodically updated.

The Checklist was prepared by Gary Backhouse (Victoria), Andrew Brown (Western Australia), Robert Bates (South Australia) and Lachlan Copeland (New South Wales).