Please note that there is a requirement for all members to have filled in the current Membership Application Form which was newly released in 2019.

Hence, just new members, or returning members who have not filled one in during 2019,  must fill in the new Membership Application Form

Joining WANOSCG is about becoming part of a group of people dedicated to the study of Western Australian Native Orchids.

To become a member of the Western Australian Native Orchid Study and Conservation Group (Inc) (WANOSCG), please:

  1. If a new member or a returning members who have not filled one in during 2019, fill out the application form (see below linked document- WANOSCG Application Form 2019)
  2. Then:
  3. For new members, upon receiving notification that your application to join WANOSCG has been accepted please pay the nomination and annual membership fees.
  4. Membership Fees Due 31 March 2020



  • Ordinary Membership fee of $35. 
    • This entitles a member to vote and receive a copy of the WANOSCG Bulletin for the months of March to November inclusive and the use of club’s library
    • Must be 15 years old of older
  • Associate Membership fee of $20.
    • This entitles a member to receive the Bulletin, but not to vote
    • Must normally reside outside of Western Australia OR be a full time student
    • Must be 11 years old or older
  • Family Membership fee of $45.
    • This cover up to 2 Ordinary Members plus 3 Associate Members at the one residence
  • Associate Family Membership fee of $40.
    • Covers up to 5 Associate Members at the one residence
  • Nomination Fee of $25 for new members only.
    • This entitles a new member to one name badge and copies of the club Constitution and field trip guidelines and procedures. Additional badges are $15.

Payment of the Nomination and Annual Fees can be made after 1 Jan 2020:

  • in person to the Treasurer at a General Meeting
  • by mail with cheques made out to WANOSCG and sent to
  • by electronic transfer to the WANOSCG bank account:
    • BSB : 306044
    • Bank name : Bankwest
    • Account number : 5492468

Note: If you choose to send money electronically please identify what the payment is for (e.g. Annual Fees, Nomination Fee) and send a copy of your electronic receipt to .