Orchid Photographs

The Orchids of Western Australia by Noel Hoffman
c. 250 species photographed. Easy navigation.

Orchids of South-West Australia by Justin
c. 200 species photographed, information and identification.


Orchid Information

Gday from WA by Ray
A list of all the current Genus, species and Common Names of orchids in the South-west of Western Australia
including vocabulary, pronunciation, distribution maps, flowering times, images and more.
Information is sortable by groups, flowering dates or alphabetically.


Native Orchid Groups Australia

Australasian Native Orchid Society

Australasian Native Orchid Society – Victoria

Australasian Native Orchid Society- Geelong 

Native Orchid Society of South Australia

Australian Orchid Foundation


Protection of Native Flora in WA

Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

DBCA District Office


Thelymitra yorkensis

Cyanicula ixioides subsp. ixioides