The first meeting of the WA Orchid Study Group was held on 29 March 1974, with the group becoming incorporated in 1976 as “The W.A. Native Orchid Study and Conservation Group (inc.)”.



2011 : Don Ward (the inaugural recipient)
2012 : Matz Dahlkamp
2013 : Eddy Wajon
2014 : Ross and Margaret Fox
2015 : Donna Wajon
2016 : Andrew Brown

The criterion for this award is that the person should have advanced the aims of, and made an outstanding contribution to, WANOSCG – namely the study and conservation of Western Australian native orchids. These contributions will usually have been made over an extended period of time. The recipient must be a financial Member of WANOSCG


RECENT PUBLICATIONS related to Western Australian Native Orchids


Identification and Ecology of Southwest Australian Orchids – A User-friendly Guide
Mark Brundrett (2014)

Field Guide to the Orchids of Western Australia
The Definitive Guide to the Native Orchids of Western Australia
Andrew Brown, Kingsley Dixon, Christopher French and Garry Brockman (2013)

Orchids of South-West Australia 3rd Edition
Noel Hoffman & Andrew Brown (2011)

Orchids of Western Australia
A valuable comprehensive reference of WA native orchid species beautifully illustrated by Pat Dundas
Andrew Brown, Pat Dundas, Kingsley Dixon & Stephen Hopper (2008)

Spider Orchids-the Genus Caladenia and it’s relatives in Australia
Gary Backhouse