Western Australia has an extraordinarily rich variety of native orchid species, many of which grow nowhere else in the world. Our orchids are often highly adapted to specific aspects of their habitats, including such things as drainage, soil type, and the presence of certain fungi and pollinators. Therefore, one of the aims of our group is to promote the conservation of WA native orchids in their natural environment enabling future generations of enthusiast to continue to enjoy them.

Current Conservation Issues

Projects under watch:

  • Norwest Energy, Eneabba
  • BAJV Bauxite, Morangup/Avon Valley NP
  • Meelup Regional Reserve – Mountain Bike Trail
  • Warwick Bushland ‐ Hockey Stadium construction now half completed
  • Bunbury Outer ring road – awaits funding


Clearing notices:

  • Monitored weekly for impact on rare and threatened orchid species


Roadside Clearing:

  • Concerns over the clearing procedures in the Shire of Jerramungup on the road widening project on the Boxwood Hill‐ Ongerup Road


Helena and Aurora Range Mining Proposal:

The issue of potential mining in this area has been around for some time. It would alarm most Western Australians to know our Environment Minister has gone against the independent advice of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). But unfortunately it appears Minister Jacob has done precisely this.
The Helena and Aurora Range is a pristine landscape; the “jewel in the crown” of our Great Western Woodlands.
It is a spectacular banded‐ironstone formation, a biodiversity hotspot, home to more than 75 bird species, to say nothing of many species of orchids and one of our State treasures.
WANOSCG will be preparing letters on behalf of our Group to go to the Minister and for members to use to send their local WA member.

More details on this issue: Helena and Aurora Ranges Mining Proposal


Previous Issues

  1. Jandakot Airport Extensions – 2009