Attached below is a range of articles pertaining to Western Australian Orchids. 


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Drakaea A revision of Australias hammer orchids (Drakaea: Orchidaceae), with some field data on species-specific sexually deceived wasp pollinators
2 MB 215
Caladenia petrensis and saxicola Two new ironstone endemics from south-west Western Australia by Andrew Brown and Garry Brockman.
2 MB 246
Paracaleana Australia’s wasp-pollinated flying duck orchids revised by Stephen Hopper and Andrew Brown.
3 MB 202
Pterostylis and Diuris name changes February 2018 783 KB 357
New taxa of Caladenia New taxa of Caladenia (Orchidaceae) from south-west Western Australia by Andrew P. Brown and Garry Brockman.
3 MB 220
ADORP project 2017 The Western Australian Adopt an Orchid Program by Andrew Brown
313 KB 588
Caladenia name changes January 2017 592 KB 415
Thelymitra variegata complex Resolution of the Thelymitra variegata (Orchidaceae) complex of southern Australia and New Zealand by Jeffrey A. Jeanes.
669 KB 398
Eriochilus New and reinstated taxa in Eriochilus by Stephen Hopper and Andrew Brown.
3 MB 382
Bakers Junction orchids 518 KB 403
Alcock 2000 Spiculaea Interactions between the sexually deceptive orchid Spiculaea ciliata and its wasp pollinator.
225 KB 335